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Shunga Dragon Intensifying Cream Sensitive - 60 ml

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Many couples long for a milder"Fire & Ice"sensation effect during intercourse. That's why Shunga has a sensitive Dragon version. It's less intense and just as fun!

The cream is applied prior to intercourse by massaging the entire penis with it for about 30 seconds. Gently rub your penis against your lover's genital area during foreplay and before penetration to let her feel the effect. As everyone is unique, the cream offers sensations that can vary greatly from one person to another.

NOTE:The feeling of mild warmth may be surprising at first, but the gentle cooling cycle will be felt quickly and then alternately rapidly progressing from heat to coolness and vice versa.

* Made from natural extracts and herbs
* Safe for latex (condoms)
* Lubricated texture
* Decadent taste
* Pleasant with or without a partner
* 30 to 45 minutes of 'Fire & Ice' sensation for optimal performance