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Spanish Drops StrawBerry Dreams - 15 ml

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Oorspronkelijke prijs
€15,95 - €15,95
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njoyments done with all your senses The taste of fresh apple, banana or blackberry. Can you think of more sweet sensations which usually only top off a cake? Or are you more a cola fanatic? It is now twice the enjoyment with Spanish Fly. This legendary love potion has been claiming name and fame for centuries as a lust enhancer. This immensely popular product is now turned into 10 different flavour varieties. The stimulating flavours evoke more desire, feelings of lust and lift you and your partner to paradise-like atmospheres even more. Spanish Fly Tropical Kiwi for instance tastes like cocktails at the swimming pool, you will afterwards experience more intense lovemaking and lots of sweet kisses. New look and restyled packages. Choose your favorite flavour: Caramel Fudge, Fresh Apple, Chocolate Sensation, Blackberry Mix, Pineapple Pleasure, Strawberry Dreams, Raspberry Romance, Tropical Kiwi, Sweet Banana and Cola Kicks.