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ZALO Temptation Heated Vibrating Egg with App Control - pink

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SKU 4704 / SHO-F01301
The birth of temptation always comes from the creativity beyond imagination and unexpected ultimate experience. The new TEMPTATION leads you to a completely new world.
* silicone ABS with SWAROVSKI crystal.
* Size: 3.3 x 10.4 cm
* Heating function
* Flexible head
* Splash-proof
* 6 thrust modes
* Ultra-high power, super quiet and noise-free. SWEET MAGIC In the magic world of ZALOVE, Goddesses and fairies guard the treasure house of human characters. These treasures are placed on the boundless life tree. Their connected & balanced powers co-create the world order. Keys to open the treasures are the scepters in the hands of Goddess. Once getting certain key, you will acquire the amazing gifts transformed from the huge power contained. And your world will change with it. Re-discover your body with ZALO Sweet magic series, and open the magic door to a new world.