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The Swan Clutch Vibrating Vaginal Balls

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Whether you enjoy working for pleasure or just sitting back and enjoying its powerful vibrations, the Swan Clutch is the perfect companion for your bedside table. With a strong vibration on the outer ball, the intensity rests through his body and into yours. Using the 'Squeeze-Me` technology designed exclusively for the slightly flexible Swan Clutch, the intensity of your grip allows you to determine the amount of pleasure you receive in return. But don't worry, as it also allows you to lay back and enjoy your desired vibration with a convenient vibration lock button. Hold on tight and get ready for the powerful joy that the Swan Clutch has in store for you!

Product specifications:

Waterproof, Travel-Ready, plasticizer-free

Dimensions:9.3 cm x 3.3 cm (bottom) x 3.1 cm (top)

Finish:100% seamless silicone

Running time:up to 4 hours

Charging time:2 hours

Battery:Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

Pleasure Technology:Single Vibration Powered by PowerBullet