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Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator

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The world's best oral sex simulator for women just got better! Sqweel 2 has a wheel with 10 overlapping silicone tongues, 3 powerful speeds, 30% more power and a new reversible mode and a flicker function for incredible orgasms time and time again. If you love the Sqweel then the Sqweel 2 is an even bigger thrill . This improved oral sex simulator is equipped with all new features, a compact and sleek housing and a wheel with 10 tongues made of the softest silicone. The Sqweel 2 is a whole new revolution in sex toys. With three sparkling rotational speeds that turn the tongue wheel into a rippling machine, it offers an experience closer to pussy eating than any other sex toy. Sqweel 2 also features a reverse function so that the wheel spins in the opposite direction. This ensures a very real oral sex experience. The device is very easy to maintain and very easy to clean. The case provides good protection. Compatible with the original Sqweel and Sqweeler wheels for versatile stimulation and play. Tip:Use your favorite water-based lubricant to maximize your pleasure.