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Pretty Love Geisha Anal Plug Double with metal balls

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Are you a novice anal player and would you like to try what it feels like to have a butt plug in? Then we have the perfect item for you. This butt plug with geisha bladder has a double function. He fills the anus and once inside he will surprise you with every movement you make with wonderful throbbing sensations due to the inner geisha balls that are incorporated in this plug. The special curves ensure that you can go as deep as you like comfortably and at your own pace. The flat base ensures that you can also safely leave the butt plug in while you are busy with other actions.

  • Brand:Pretty Love
  • Material:Silicone
  • Length:10.40 cm
  • Insertable:10.00 cm
  • Diameter:From 2.20 cm to 2.60 cm
  • Lubricant:Water-based
  • With geisha inner ball
  • With flat base
  • For safe use
  • waterproof
  • body safe