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Mega Masturbator Large with two holes - black

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SKU OPR-3015010

This Masturbator with penis will take you to seventh heaven within seconds if you want! It has an anus and a penis of 17.5 cm, so that you can make all your sexual dreams come true: vaginal and anal sex? Everything is possible! Thanks to the structure on the inside of the anus, you will experience extra stimulation for intense pleasure. Always use enough lubricant for a lifelike experience, so that sex is indistinguishable from reality. Thanks to the flat parts, the masturbator is very stable, so you can thrust uninhibited.

The masturbator:

  • Both vaginal and anus
  • Improves stamina and performance in bed
  • Very stable thanks to the flat parts
  • Easy to clean
The masturbator is easy and quick to clean. After cleaning, always allow your masturbator to dry in a well-ventilated room.

Tip: Always use enough lubricant during use. This keeps your masturbator her quality and long life.