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Kiotos Glass Glass Butt Plug Crystal Gem - Black

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SKU OPR-2820061

Beautiful black shaped anal plug with a diamond pattern, for exciting hot and cold effects. Beautiful design by Kiotos Glass of almost unbreakable glass. If you don't know better, you might think you have a glass work of art on your bedside table. The great advantage of a glass butt plug is that you can cool or heat it, for an extra sensual effect. Hold it under a cold or hot tap and the glass will take the temperature of the water. Penetration with a hot or cold plug gives a completely different feeling than with a plug at body temperature. This glass plug has a nice smooth shape with a beautiful diamond pattern and will last a lifetime, is easy to keep clean and is non-toxic.

Diameter34 mm
Length 90 mm
Inputable length 75 mm