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Glyde Ultra Maxi Extra Large Condoms - 100 Condoms

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Extra large vegan Condoms with natural flavour. These extra large Condoms from the certified Glyde brand are made without added sugar or chemicals, animal testing, petrochemicals, parabens, gluten, talc or spermicides. The first condom from a patented natural plant formula of rubber latex, using Glyde's patented 'double dipping' technology. Created for performance, comfort and pleasure for both partners. You will notice the difference. Condoms come with Lubricant and a reservoir. Features: - Taste: Neutral - Lubricant: Normal - Colour: Transparent - Texture: Smooth - Size: Extra Large - Nominal width: 56 mm - Thickness: Normal - Package quantity: 100 - Brand: Glyde Recommended for: In principle, any tested condom is suitable for vaginal, oral and anal contact, provided that the fit is good and sufficient Lubricant is used.